Project Description

Over two years of long days of work have gone into our websites, the first being In addition, another twenty domains have been registered for communities all around Lake Chapala. The sites are designed and marketed as your only local website, meaning that most, if not all, of the content is specifically just for the local community. Local Business Directories, Classified Ads, Health Care Guides and Restaurant Guides, Local forums, a list of Clubs and Organizations, local news, weather and sports, a custom designed Real Estate section, a local Events Calendar, a Dating site, and tons of information for both tourists and residents, especially those new to the area, from banking to immigration to how to hire a local driver. A virtual wealth of information!

The sites operate under an umbrella group called The Mexico Today Group, which also has its own website,  If these sites were developed at the usual rates for web developers they would represent an investment of close to a hundred thousand dollars! These sites here in Mexico were patterned on what were very successful sites in Panama, such as Hello Boquete, and in Ecuador under the welcome to banner, such as WelcomeToCotacachi and many others, and had been very successful under this banner back in Canada.

What has hampered growth here in Mexico and unlike with Panama and Ecuador, has been not being able to find a Sales Director to call on potential clients. The position has always been commissioned based, which was never an issue in those other countries, but candidates here have wanted a draw or a guaranteed salary and never understood the potential of the commission structure. All the contracts are based on a one-year commitment and the sales rep receives the first month of the revenue. The contracts automatically renew for another year unless canceled and the rep again gets the first month as commission, and with virtually no work required. The Sales Director also hires salespeople for the other communities as the websites come on board and they receive a five percent override on sales in those territories as well. A Sales Director that did not earn at least a hundred thousand pesos in their first year was not doing the job.

The position is also based on what is usually referred to as Relationship Selling, meaning that the job of the rep is to first establish a relationship with the potential client. They understand that no one will do any business with someone they don’t know, like and trust. The professional salesperson understands that the first thing they are selling is themselves, nothing else. Today only discounts are a thing of the distant past.

Realizing this, the company has agreed to sell up to a forty-nine percent interest in the umbrella company, and for far less than its true worth. Certain conditions apply, such as a partnership agreement and incorporation under the laws of Mexico, but these are standard and just need to be documented in an agreement.

Join the exciting and profitable world of the internet. Get in at an affordable cost and with the potential to make a great return on investment. Remember that your partner is old and not going to last forever so the total company could one day be yours!