Project Description

Although the new President has just increased the minimum wage by 16%, and has promised to double it, many of the hard-working people still live in abject poverty. Even the the cost of living is lower how can anyone support a family when they only make a little over a hundred pesos, or about six dollars US, a day? Not only are the wages ridiculously low but there are no benefits like pensions, medical or dental care or any form of job security.

The new President is a well-known socialist and he has promised many benefits to improve the lives of Mexicans, but the government can only afford to do so much. Providing good jobs with decent pay and reasonable benefits cannot only be funded by the government. It requires private investment and seed capital to establish businesses that can pay their workers well, such as the new provisions of the new NAFTA which mandates that workers in the automotive industry in Mexico receive fair compensation as compared to workers in the US and Canada.

This also needs an investment in education to make sure that young Mexicans are being trained in careers that are in demand. The Lakeside region could become an ideal place for technology centers to meet the worldwide need for workers with the necessary skills. This would encourage students to plan careers at home and not feel that they need to emigrate to have a good future. We can help by lobbying the federal government but we can also contact private companies to encourage them to invest here in Mexico.