Mexico ranks last in education among the 35 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries.



Aquaponics, which began in ancient China and Mexico, is gaining popularity around the world as a means of local food production. Aquaponics systems feature a fish tank, trough or outdoors pond and a soil-free bed


Biogas Digester

Biogas technology represents an option to promote the sustainable use of energy in the developing world, particularly in the rural context. However, the production and use of biogas can also occur in urban areas of


Good jobs

Although the new President has just increased the minimum wage by 16%, and has promised to double it


Clean Water

The city of Guadalajara has relied on Lake Chapala as a principal source of water since the 1950s.


Local City Portal Websites

Over two years of long days of work have gone into our websites, the first being AjijicToday.com.mx. In addition, another twenty domains have been registered for communities all around Lake Chapala. The sites are designed


Rainwater Harvesting

Mexico City has more rainfall than London, yet because the necessary water infrastructure systems have not grown with the development of the rapidly expanding city, it suffers from water shortages that are in parallel with


A personal plea

When I opened my eyes this morning I knew that I had to make a life-changing decision. After two years of trying my darnedest to turn things around in every way possible despite an unbelievable


A Living Wage

Numerous US companies like Walmart have made major investments here in Mexico and reaped huge rewards. Last year Walmart made 1.7 BILLION dollars with their 132 stores here in Mexico. They are planning to invest



Hydroponics has the following advantages: Up to 90% more efficient use of water. Production increases 3 to 10 times in the same amount of space. Many crops can be produced twice as fast. ​Our region has numerous greenhouses using


Community Gardens

Urban agriculture can be beneficial to the environment, and to the health and well being of community members. The introduction of community gardens may be able to reduce the impact of food deserts in low-income


A Great Investment

As a former Real Estate agent in Canada I know that there are three important factors when looking at properties - location, location, location. This is a very unique property and currently an equally unique


Hyacinth into biofuel

This non native weed is a major problem in Kale Chapala. Government efforts to eradicate the weed have failed. This concept being used in Africa could be the solution. Curse To Cure: How An African


Me first? Yes.

In the interests of full disclosure and being perfectly honest, it goes without saying that there is little point in trying to raise a hundred million dollars to do good work if I don't survive.